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Self Checkout

Create a frictionless & flexible shopping experience with self-service.

Self-service options are in high demand from retail customers, and Extenda Retail offers a wide range of options. Our Self checkout challenges existing proprietary systems by offering a hardware independent solution with an intuitive yet adaptable flow and user interface.

Our Self checkout adds self checkout and self payment abilities to the Extenda Retail checkout line. It is based on the same Transaction Engine as all of our other checkouts, which makes it easy for you to implement across your stores – since the business rules, data and integration is inherited while leaving the choice of hardware open.

We offer retailers comprehensive security options with rule-based triggering of transaction audit, re-scan and good reconciliation support. The Extenda Retail Self checkout offers various layouts including a quick checkout design, or a checkout design with item validation through weight control or image validation. 

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Key Features:

  • Part of the Extenda Retail ecosystem – All business rules, prices and promotions will work exactly as in any other Extenda Retail checkout channel by default
  • Intuitive user interface – We have delivered hardware independent Self checkouts for 10+ years. The user interface is the result of Extenda Retail’s long experience and expertise in the area, and contains all our experience. It enables a tailored design and flow, and the result is a radically simplified, intuitive and branded user experience
  • Enhanced customer experience – Self checkouts enable customers to easily pay-and-go by themselves
  • Built-in security & fraud detection – We support item validation with weight or image recognition and provide a number of options for triggering transaction audit and re-scan

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The Self checkout can be operated by staff with the same possibilities as in a classic manned POS. Among other functionalities it offers staff to suspend a receipt and pick it up in any of the other checkouts we offer. Furthermore, remote operations area available to handle assistance, age-control, monitoring – and much more. 

Additionally, Extenda Retail’s Self checkout can be combined with our self-scan platform to offer payment of self-scan receipts. This enables retailers and in-store staff to use existing equipment in an efficient and flexible way, as the same area and devices work for all forms of self-service. 

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