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Self Scan

Create fast & smooth customer checkout journeys.

The Extenda Retail Self Scan is a popular alternative to self checkout, as it enables customers to scan their items on a retailer device as they walk the aisles, and pay and pack directly once they arrive at the checkout. Our comprehensive self-scan solution has been developed with our clients over many years, and offers a secure and manageable self-service channel. 

Our Self Scan allows consumers to scan items either with a dedicated scanning device – or by using their own smartphones. Extenda Retail’s Self Scan system offers the customer next-level convenience and unparalleled checkout speed.

As a retailer, you can easily integrate your branded smartphone app and offer self scan via the customer’s mobile phone, which increases consumer interaction, and consequently loyalty. Payments are commonly handled using a self service station, but can also be completed directly in the smartphone app.

Woman using mobile self scan in grocery store.

Key features:

  • Built-in security – Our Self Scan Solution offers a “karma” based system that tracks the behaviour of customers historically, in real-time and with a random factor. The system promotes good behaviour and is well proven. Re-scan can be done with a hand-held device, in a Self checkout or in a manned POS
  • Please your customers and increase loyalty – Well working self-service options are a rapidly growing trend among shoppers. The Self Scan enables you to indulge your customers, improve checkout speed and give an all round better service. In addition, a self scan service generates a stream of identified data points which can further improve promotions and more
  • Great API – With our purpose built Self Scan Device API, retailers can integrate a branded smartphone app to increase consumer interaction and loyalty without dealing with advanced checkout technology – as this is covered by Extenda Retail
  • Supported dedicated devices – Zebra MC17, Zebra MC18 Windows & Android, Zebra PS20

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