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The ultimate, single point of integration for downstream systems.

The Extenda Retail Centraloffice is the master of all our checkouts. The checkout software forms the single point of integration for downstream systems like ERP and bookkeeping, and offers both headquarter and store level functionalities, like cash-management. 

Our Centraloffice solution is the master of checkout for almost all of our clients. It enables efficient integration, journaling, fiscal features and is the repository for all transactions. Furthermore, the Centraloffice checkout software gives you access to all your sales transaction data in real-time, with full traceability.

The Centraloffice Centralview offers headquarter features such as the ability to manage the business configuration of the stores – and thereby easily administrate and instantly adopt chain policies in your sales channels.

The Centraloffice Storeview provides a light-weight back office for your in-store staff to get operational reports, manage in-store accounting and other store administrative processes.

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Key features

  • Centralized data – The solution gives you access to all your sales transaction data in real-time with complete traceability
  • Transparent handling of returns & refunds – The checkout enables you to handle returns and refunds by looking up the original transaction in Centraloffice, and provides full transparency and price and promotion recalculation
  • HQ chain administration – It simplifies administration and enables deployment of changes quickly across your whole retail chain, a region or a single store
  • Single point of integration – All back office integrations are covered by Extenda Retail’s Centraloffice
  • In-store accounting & cash management – The Centraloffice improves in-store accounting and facilitates comprehensive cash management options

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