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Country Modules

Our unique Country Modules software enables retailers to follow country-specific fiscal requirements.

Almost every country has their own regulations around cash registers, VAT reporting and business rules. Extenda Retail offers certified Country Modules solutions in 36 countries – and we are adding more all the time. This helps retailers meet fiscal requirements in each country covered, and saves time and resources spent on managing fiscalisation projects. 

To be compliant to ever-changing and increasingly complex regulations is tough, especially if you have stores across many countries.

We offer peace of mind as a service where we monitor, analyse and implement all necessary changes to your POS and checkout solutions for a fixed fee. We also offer monitoring and reporting to clients that don’t run our solutions.

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Key features:

  • Ongoing monitoring – Constant monitoring of covered countries and regions
  • Efficiency at its core – Proactive reporting and notifications on changes
  • Proactive development – Product development to cover changes to be ready ahead of deadlines
  • Fiscalisation – Certification in each covered country means less worry and less time spent on fiscal matters
  • All-inclusive legal frameworks coverage – We cover both local, domestic and regional legal frameworks

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