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Digital Receipts

Create smooth checkout journeys and reduce paper waste with digital receipts. 

Digital receipts are becoming more and more of a hygiene factor for large retailers. With Nordic retailers at the forefront, digital receipts are rapidly spreading globally, in line with digitalisation and sustainability. Our POS software can be easily integrated with any third-party vendor’s Digital Receipts software. 

As a retailer, your POS (point of sale) is central to your digital receipts. The receipt is an acknowledgment of a transaction taking place, and since the POS is the point where every transaction originates from, it is essentially the foundation for every receipt.

Implementing digital receipts through a third-party vendor

Several start-ups and other vendors are realising the profit possibilities available in digital solutions,  and many offer solutions to be integrated with your POS in order to serve your customers with digital receipts.

As a retailer, you can fully rely on your POS-partner and the third-party vendor to make the digital receipts happen. For instance, when going for a POS from Extenda Retail you will already have countless plug and play solutions with standard integrations to third-parties for digital receipts. You need an agreement with the third-party, but the rest of the set-up is ready out of the box.

From a consumer perspective, this option will most likely require that you create an account with the third-party vendor. This option also makes it possible for the customer to have all the digital receipt from all the connected retailers available in the same place.

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Key benefits:

  • Plug and play solution can be available instantly
  • Improves sustainability and reduce carbon footprint in your checkout processes
  • Improve efficiency in manned POS stations and Self Checkouts, as customers get receipts automatically
  • Reduces costs on tons of paper and receipts printers
  • Improves customer satisfaction as friction in the checkout journey is reduced
  • Enables further tracking of customer behaviour, with the ability to boost loyalty program and your brand 
  • Facilitates email capturing for future customer communication 
  • Provides new ways of parsonalisation and optimisation with regards to communication
  • Boosts sales as you can push for your other channels and call to actions

To learn more about Digital Receipts, read our article where we explore the various options available on the market.

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