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Engage with your customers and enable true frictionless shopping.


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At Extenda Retail, we help retailers create engaging and frictionless customer experiences through intelligent software. And with our interactive Shopping List software, retailers can build long term, loyal customer relations. The solution is designed to integrate easily into your current landscape of retail applications, through a public API or as a white labeled app, which enables super-fast time to market.

The Shopping List enables you to engage with your customers digitally at any time, before they even enter your store. The solution also helps customers plan their purchases, and simplifies the shopping while they are inside your store. 

The solution is quick and easy to use, and enables users to create their own shopping list, and add or remove products. Furthermore, it is flexible as users can share their lists with family and friends, further simplifying the experience. It is integrated with our Click & Collect service out of the box, to enable true frictionless shopping for your customers. 

The shopping list helps your customer plan their shopping on a proactive and intelligent level, by giving suggestions of what to buy, and how to combine products in their shopping lists into different recipes. The planning-feature can also assist your customers in reaching personal goals like reducing co2 levels or staying within a monthly budget.

By using Extenda Retail’s shopping list solution, your customers save both time and effort before and during their shopping journey, by listing their products ahead of visiting your stores, and getting instructions on where to find their preferred products while inside your stores. 

Key Features:

  • Planning – Allows customers to plan shopping based on previous activity
  • Proposed shopping lists – Intelligent suggestions based on purchase history, “others also bought”, dietary preferences e.g. vegan, eco
  • Smooth & fast integration – Simple integration through well defined API
  • Add-on functionalities – Easy to use with or include information from loyalty systems, suggested recipes, budget planning etcetera

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The Shopping List software also includes tailored features such as shopping list-suggestions based on individual purchase history, other popular products in certain geographical areas, or suggestions based on each customer’s previous personal preferences. For example, vegetarians can get quick-and-easy information regarding other vegetarian products that can be found in your stores, and people that have previously bought diapers get information about toddler products. 

Your customers can even create subscriptions for a convenient way of planning their shopping. By analysing shopping behaviour, the intelligent software can predict when a customer will run out of milk or dishwasher detergent – and add it as a suggestion to their shopping list.

On top of this, you can seamlessly add other services of your choice, such as our Click & Collect and Scan & Go solutions – to create a unique and engaging experience for your customers. 

If you want to take the next step in your retail offering and grow customer loyalty while creating engaging, flexible shopping experiences, and help customers plan their shopping – our Shopping List app will engage customers in the shopping experience, right from the comfort of their home.

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