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Securing the Modern Connected Retail Marketplace

Hii Retail Security Whitepaper

Read our latest Whitepaper and learn how to secure the modern connected retail marketplace.

The frequency and sophistication of successful cyber attacks is on the rise. In a world of ever-increasing cyber security threats, retailers and logistics providers now more than ever are reliant on technology providers who can protect our marketplaces and supply chains. Extenda Retail understands the hostile landscape that our customers are facing, and as a supplier to large-scale grocery, pharmacy and logistics providers, we recognize the vital societal impact of our software and services.

In this whitepaper we will explore some of the most common threats facing retailers today, provide guidance and best practices for securing their retail operations, and describe specific measures undertaken by Extenda Retail to mitigate the inherent risks of operating the modern connected marketplace.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Approach to Cyber Security
  • Strengthening Security With a Shift to Cloud Delivery
  • Reducing Risk by Implementing a Hybrid-Cloud Model
  • ‘Shifting Left’ on Security
  • Advice to Retailers
  • Conclusion

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