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Attendant App

Increase efficiency by remote access to POS & checkouts.


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The Extenda Retail Attendant App solution enables your in-store staff to monitor and interact with self-service and POS stations via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

The Attendant app software includes age verification, manager overrides and activity monitoring services, regardless of where staff are located in the store. It also facilitates notifications on scale or other abuse, reconciliation notifications and calls for assistance.

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Key features:

  • Get an overview – The Attendant App enables users to monitor and gain a user-friendly and insightful overview of checkout operation regardless of geographical location. Staff can monitor a large number of self-service stations from one view in an easy and efficient way
  • Flexible software – The software can run on iOS, Android or a browser, and is easily integrated into any POS system. And of course, the solution integrates as standard with Extenda Retail’s POS and checkout ecosystem
  • Real-time data – Offers insights to items that are scanned on all checkout stations in real-time and age-limited item approval by notification. Furthermore, users can get a user-friendly visual overview of the self-service area
  • Quickly integrated – The Cloud-based, plug and play App allows for fast and efficient integrations
  • Remote intervention – Facilitates remote problem solving and intervention on multiple stations, from anywhere

“Extenda Retail makes our lives easier, and our customers happier. With the Attendant App, our staff has a clear overview of all checkout activities and can step in to provide support when and where needed. This is the most convenient way of shopping today.”
– Leading Nordic grocery retailer

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