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Extenda Retail Awarded as “Breakthrough of the Year” within employer branding in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, 1st October, 2021 – Extenda Retail has received the “Breakthrough of the Year” award within employer branding in Sweden by Universum, the world’s most recognised employer branding specialists.

In competition with over 1,000 other companies in Sweden, Extenda Retail is recognised as one of the most interesting employers to work for among students and young professionals. Universum evaluates and researches companies’ employer brands and attraction indexes on the market and has awarded Extenda Retail with “Breakthrough of the Year” for 2021.

The recognition comes as Extenda Retail has won new ground in the highly competitive technology talent market. The team at Extenda Retail is excited to receive the award and the announcement showcases how highly the company prioritises Employer Brand as part of its long term strategy.

The motivation from the committee; “Without a doubt, this year’s award winner sees Employer Branding as a business-critical issue. The issue is so highly prioritised that they work with it at management level. With a clear and attractive offer to the talent market, where a trust in and empowerment of the employees will lead to continuous innovation, this employer is constantly winning new ground. The focus is on the highly competitive tech target group, which makes the positive results extra impressive.”

Extenda Retail’s long term strategy is to be the tech employer of choice, with an inspiring culture built on team-spirit and partnership, where the staff’s contribution sets the foundation of the company’s success. By giving talents the opportunity for growth and development in designing the next generation of retail experience, Extenda Retail provides employees with not just a job, but the opportunity of a career.

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