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A robust Warehouse Management System to get your logistics up to speed.


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Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with Extenda Retail’s NYCE.LOGIC WMS

A market-leading WMS, valued by customers like Apotek Hjärtat, Bonver Logistics, PostNord, DHL, Cellbes and Bubbleroom, NYCE.LOGIC offers a future-proof, competitive and web-based WMS for 3PLs, retailers and logistics providers. No matter your business size, our WMS allows you to optimize your warehouse – and stay ahead of the competition.

Add value across your entire supply chain

Want to move away from slow, manual processes? NYCE.LOGIC WMS empowers your staff and delights your customers by turning your warehouse into a competitive advantage:

  • Reduce complexity and costs
  • Enable scalability all the way from 10 to 100,000 users
  • Accelerate growth and drive business value

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Reach new heights with industry-leading WMS modules, tailored to your business needs:


Integrate automation with your most important asset – your staff, and streamline processes with AI, robotics and machine learning.

Workforce Planning

Get smart with your workforce: plan resources and time, get an overview of daily activities, and keep track of productivity and costs.


Integrations to major e-com platforms and Autostore are included, while our open architecture integrates quickly with 3rd-party solutions.

Pick By Voice

Increase efficiency, minimize errors and improve ergonomics for your staff. Pick By Voice is a recipe for success for any business.

Great processes won’t elevate your supply chain on its own – you need the proper systems to make your business thrive.

Here are some of the key features of NYCE.LOGIC’s cutting-edge WMS:


Powerful tools

Built from the ground up, our WMS is more than Software as a Service (SaaS): It is delivered as a cloud-based web application, designed to work with computers, tablets, mobile units, Pick By Voice and automation solutions.

Outstanding UX

Mobile interfaces for tablets, PDAs, forklifts, computers and smartphones, built and designed by logistics experts. With a user-friendly system, daily operations become easy, and changes can be implemented in record time.

Omnichannel control

Is your business growing fast, or do your operations fluctuate seasonally? Our WMS adapts to your needs: scale clients, sites, and order volumes with ease from parcel to pallet, 1 site to 1,000 sites – and the web-based portal offers full management control.

Customer-centric, agile software

NYCE.LOGIC WMS is equipped with the latest technology and a robust set of functionalities that allow businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations. We develop long-term partnerships, that adapted to your needs, translating investment into profitability.

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Report: Top 3 WMS Trends 2021

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“NYCE.LOGIC represents the next generation of WMS, ready for today’s high-intensity logistics requirements, driven by ever-increasing customer expectations.”

What can NYCE.LOGIC WMS do for your business?

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Our customer success cases:


WMS at Kjell & Company

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PostNord TPL – Modern WMS

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Full commitment to our customers

  • Make your warehouse a competitive advantage through increased agility
  • Improve warehouse efficiency and speed while increasing customer service levels
  • Increase inventory accuracy and workforce productivity
  • Scale operations rapidly
  • Reduce costs of managing business change

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Market-leading WMS for 3PL businesses

The NYCE.LOGIC team knows the ins and outs of the 3PL industry better than anyone. Our WMS solves complex assignments with customized flows without costly development. With decades of supply chain expertise, we’ll supercharge your 3PL strategy.

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Groundbreaking WMS for e-commerce & retail

Long-term success requires a streamlined warehouse to support retail sales. Specialized in e-commerce, NYCE.LOGIC WMS gives you full control over inventory management, warehouse operations and logistics – all in one solution, regardless of channel.

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Cutting-edge WMS for industry & wholesale

Stock planners often spend the majority of their time answering the same routine questions and making the same decisions. With NYCE.LOGIC WMS, you can automate and optimize these processes, so that your staff can focus on improving your business.

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Some of our customers:

What does our SaaS model mean for your business?

We have an outstanding track record of delivering value in weeks – if you want to take the next step in generating growth through your WMS, we can help you get there.

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, NYCE.LOGIC WMS is easily scalable and creates countless benefits:

  • You can manage inbound supply by planning intake into the yard, allocation of slots and resources with flexible and comprehensive putaway algorithms, and the ability to cross-dock.
  • For 3PLs, our system enables you to ensure that service levels are adhered to whilst executing, capturing and billing for all value-added services.
  • Once inventory is stored efficiently in the warehouse, you can optimize replenishing and picking based on the most optimal processes, ensuring that fill rates are high, shrinkage is low and travel time around the warehouse is minimized. Fundamentally, the solution is built to maximize both sales, fulfillment and asset utilization.
  • Our WMS ensures that picked inventory is packed, labeled and shipped in compliance with regulatory requirements prior to the handover to the transportation function.
  • WMS is a core that needs to be connected to your existing ecosystem. Our solution utilizes an open architecture that integrates quickly with third-party solutions, with standard integrations, such AutoStore, out-of-the-box.

Learn how our industry-leading WMS will supercharge your warehouse.

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