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Pick by Voice

Increase efficiency, minimise errors and improve ergonomics for staff.


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Our WMS Solution NYCE offers a high-end Pick by Voice product, which increases efficiency, minimises errors and improves ergonomics for staff.

By liberating staff from pen and paper or screen-based writing, they can use both of their hands to carry out necessary activities associated with picking, packing and shipping preparations.

The voice unit can be programmed to ask specific control questions during the picking round that are associated with certain articles, packages or customers; errors related to quantities, colours and inventory counting become a long-forgotten issue. 

Pick by Voice is a tool with the ability to transform warehouse management tasks such as moving, inventory and picking. It facilitates efficient, simple and ergonomic management of your warehouse. Through a headset and simple voice commands, your warehouse staff receives their task and subsequently confirms what has been moved, inventoried or picked – in real-time, with their voice.

Key features  & benefits:

  • Freedom – Set up your own voice commands
  • Efficiency – Voice commands can be optimised as required
  • Voice-based picking – Together with automation voice-based picking significantly improves productivity in the warehouse, with general numbers of improvement varying between 20-30%
  • Quality Improvements – Picking can be confirmed by a control-digit or code based on the location or barcode of the item, minimising the risk for mistakes. When adding products, staff members can focus on picking the right items in the right quantities
  • Ergonomics – By using a headset, your staff is free to use both hands for picking, lifting and moving items, which facilitates a safer and smoother way of working

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Pick by Voice is part of the NYCE.LOGIC WMS, designed to fuel growth and reduce complexity in your warehouse operations. Our industry-leading WMS modules include Warehouse Automation, Workforce Planning, and  Warehouse Integration – all tailored to your business needs. Our cloud-based, competitive warehouse management system adds value across your entire business, and turns your warehouse into a highly performing distribution centre at the heart of supply chain excellence.

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We have integrations with a majority of required systems, enabling a seamless flow of internal processes. The NYCE.LOGIC experts will ensure you have all integrations you need.

WMS at Kjell & Company

In 2010, Kjell & Company experienced acute space shortage at its 7,000 m2 central warehouse.  
The company made the decision to invest in NYCE.LOGIC WMS – years later and with over 50% in increased volumes, they remain in the same warehouse.   

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