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Warehouse Integration

NYCE.LOGIC’s Warehouse Integration tools enable a seamless flow of internal processes and end customers.

NYCE.LOGIC WMS is integrated with the majority of the leading ERP, TA/TMS (Transport Management System) and customs systems in the Nordics. Thanks to our innovative, technical platform and complete integration tools, we can create a seamless and smooth flow both for your internal processes, and for your customers.

ERP Systems

The integration motor which is built into NYCE.LOGIC WMS enables smooth and cost-effective pairing with your ERP and business systems. Below are a few examples of integrations we currently have towards different ERP systems, but regardless of the system your business uses – we can facilitate an integration easily. 

Some of our integrations:


We collaborate with the leading TA/TMS suppliers for freight-booking and handling of transport labels. Our integrations with their respective systems can be customised as needed, and managed via e.g. SOAP / API, XML or file.

Some of our integrations:

Customs Management Systems

In customs, we currently have warehouse integrations with the major suppliers of Customs Management Systems:

  • Sensor Data (LIS)
  • Tyringe (TIS)
  • KGH (Butterfly)
  • Emmasped

Other Applications

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, NYCE.LOGIC WMS is integrated with various other types of applications. For example, we enable warehouse integrations with numerous e-commerce solutions, BI (QlickView), in addition to various web services, such as Purchasing Systems.

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