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Enabling a flexible way of retail

Creating software for Fashion & Specialised trade.

Designing the future together

Fashion and Specialised Trade are two industries that require flexible and tailored solutions. Together with leading retailers from these industries, we have designed the perfect fit of software solutions that are continuously updated to meet new market requirements.

We have been developing and delivering software to the fashion and specialised trade industry for over 20 years, so we know what requirements are crucial to success. Real-time data, a variety of offers, optimised logistics and insights through BI are some of the vital components for these retailers today. We also provide the staff with agile tools to gain efficiency and deliver a world-class experience to the customer.

Solutions tailored to fit retailers in Fashion & Specialised Trade:


With our suite of solutions, we help fashion & Specialised trade retailers to:

  • Ensure seamless shopping with optimised logistics and true omni processes
  • Build customer loyalty with personalised offers
  • Streamline all operations with real-time data
  • Tailor the check-out experience to the preference of your staff and customers
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Some of our Fashion and Specialised Trade customers:

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