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A market leading WMS for 3PL

Complex assignments can be solved with unique customer flows without costly customisation.


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The 3PL industry is a dynamic environment with complexity driven by inventory from multiple clients being received, stored, and shipped from within the same facility. The demands on outsourced logistics companies have never been higher. Covid-19 has in many cases skewed the velocity in particularly areas such as e-commerce. And your consumer’s demands have likely never been higher as regards on-time-in-full fulfilment.
Some of the challenges in achieving the service level goal include the management of a transient workforce, allocation of finite assets, and the utilisation of space thereby ensuring that ultimately, in this complex multi-customer environment, your services are properly accounted for and accurately invoiced.

The ability to win new 3PL business and drive margins from new agreements is reliant upon a reduction in time to market, simplifying the on-boarding of new customers, and ensuring that tasks are effectively planned, prioritised and executed to boost operational efficiency.
With Extenda Retail’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), which has been tailored to the unique requirements of 3PLs, you can focus on your business and let us focus on the technology. Built from the ground-up to optimise 3PL operations, our WMS will:
  • Ensure compliance with service level agreements
  • Facilitate utilisation of warehouse storage space
  • Enable you to retain clients while acquiring new customers
  • Improve workforce and warehouse equipment operations
  • Guarantee order accuracy, fill rate and cycle time
We know that the success of any WMS is driven by its ability to be implemented quickly using standard functionality and an open architecture. With standard integrations to partners such as AutoStore, we make it easy for our customers to take advantage of twenty-years of industry know-how.


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