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Customer Cases

Watch our Coop Scan & Pay video!

Discover how we enable frictionless, digital shopping solutions for Coop Sweden‘s customers with our cloud-based shopping solution Scan & Go.

Auchan Retail & Extenda Retail POS & Checkout Partnership

Global grocery retailer Auchan Retail wanted to enhance the in-store customer experience by providing a seamless user journey, both for customers and staff members. By implementing the Extenda Retail POS and Checkout Solutions, the customer journey is more efficient and seamless than ever, improving the overall shopping experience.

To date, Extenda Retail has rolled out the Extenda Retail POS successfully for Auchan Retail in several countries across Europe. Watch our video and learn how the innovative team at Auchan Retail is actively taking the next steps in improving customer experience, in partnership with Extenda Retail.

PostNord TPL – Modern WMS solution for the future in partnership with Extenda Retail

PostNord TPL (the Swedish Post), a subsidiary within the PostNord Group, is Sweden’s largest 3PL-company, and one of the biggest 3PL businesses in Scandinavia. Over the last couple of years their business has grown significantly, and with that multiple new warehouse sites have been added to their operation. Furthermore, they have acquired numerous new clients, all with different needs.

In 2016, PostNord TPL came to a point where they had grown out of one of their current WMS solutions and needed to invest in a new WMS platform. Consequently, they started a comprehensive optimisation project that included moving over several of their 3PL DC’s to a new, centralised WMS application, which harmonises their IT landscape and improves their business. PostNord TPL wanted a solution developed on the latest technology, in addition to a WMS that allowed them to focus on their business.

After thoroughly evaluating the market leaders, PostNord TPL decided to invest in NYCE.LOGIC WMS by Extenda Retail. 

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Outbound area at a PostNord TPL-site in Norrköping where NYCE.LOGIC will be implemented this autumn.

Outbound area at a PostNord TPL-site in Norrköping where NYCE.LOGIC will be implemented this autumn.


The reason PostNord TPL selected NYCE.LOGIC as their partner was the system’s strength, both from a technical and operational aspect. The solution is built on the latest technology, enabling dynamic scalability, an intuitive user interface, and fast and efficient processes when adding new locations and clients to the system.

From an operative and functional perspective, the NYCE.LOGIC WMS has accelerated PostNord TPL’s warehouse operations, thanks to the system’s adaptability when it comes to parameters and support for multiple simultaneous workflows. As a result, the warehouse has now become more effective and easier to manage, enabling PostNord TPL to  focus on delivering excellent service to their clients.

Birgitta Haegerstrand, IT Manager PostNord TPL, says; “We partnered with Extenda Retail as we quickly saw that the NYCE.LOGIC system was tailor-made to suit a 3PL business and its unique workflows, instead of being adjusted to it. Furthermore, the system’s robust support for e-commerce processes, and flexibility in terms of parameters and workflows proved a great advantage. We discovered that this was a modern WMS platform with an impressive roadmap, clearly showing that Extenda Retail was the right partner for us today, and in the future.”

NYCE.LOGIC’s WMS solution adds value in all these areas:
  • Onboarding of new clients – With a mix of clients and different needs, PostNord TPL wanted to find a solution which was developed to this unique process. A key requirement was ease of use and efficiency in all locations. PostNord TPL realised that NYCE.LOGIC was the best solution for this, much thanks to the company’s 20+ years of expertise in 3PL, together with its sharp focus on constantly developing systems to facilitate the complexity that comes along with the 3PL industry and especially the onboarding activity.
  • Fast and easy Integrations – For PostNord TPL, with the company’s continuous and ever-changing IT landscape, it is critical to have a WMS which is easy to integrate with various applications. NYCE.LOGIC has existing integrations with most of the large e-commerce platforms and ERP systems on the market, and the system enables fast and seamless integration with other systems where required.
  • Optimisation – When running a large-scale business such as PostNord TPL, iterative optimisation is crucial in several processes within the warehouse. With the standard inbuilt algorithm from NYCE.LOGIC, this is an iterative process that always takes place automatically. Furthermore, it helps the staff to complete tasks more efficiently since the location of stock and picking routes are optimised, from inbound to outbound. 
  • Departure management – Due to PostNord’s high volume of shipments, the system needs to guarantee that all departure gates and respective deliveries are optimised at all times to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Value added services (VAS) – NYCE.LOGIC’s VAS can be added to any process sequence, such as notification that goods are to arrive, unpacking, picking, packaging materials required and product packing. This enables PostNord TPL to accurately report on services completed, while ensuring billing is accurately completed. In extension, this provides value for their end customers. NYCE.LOGIC saves all transactions, which enables each customer to get detailed information on invoicing data.
  • Billing – The system automatically tracks service levels to ensure they are adhered to whilst executing, capturing and billing for all value-added services that are performed.

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Birgitta Haegerstrand says; “Our judgement was that the system was best of breed, covering all our WMS requirements, and foundationally intended to suit a 3PL business. There were other solutions on the market, but they required some parts of the system to be embedded into an ERP, rather than integrated with it.”

The solution and results

  • NYCE.LOGIC WMS is tailor-made for 3PL – unique clients across B2B and B2C can easily be implemented on the same standard solution regardless of how many sites PostNord TPL operates.
  • NYCE.LOGIC WMS enables easier and faster integration for new customers and platforms, improving efficiency.
  • With intelligent optimisation, NYCE.LOGIC WMS helps PostNord TPL to pick, pack and ship efficiently – the system is also ready for integration with the latest automation equipment on the market.


  • Improved efficiency in customer invoicing and performance/SLA reporting.
  • Shorter learning curves for permanent and temporary staff, which is beneficial during peak times and seasonal sales. The system is easy to learn and helps staff in the learning and task completion process.
  • In 2017 PostNord TPL implemented their first client in NYCE.LOGIC, and now, three years later, about 20 clients have been implemented.

Facts and figures PostNord and NYCE.LOGIC WMS

PostNord TPL is the leading 3PL-operator in Sweden and the Nordic region. We offer the Nordic market innovative and cost-effective logistics solutions that extend all the way from producer to consumer. Our customers range from the small e-commerce company to the large global player. We have warehouses in Stockholm, Norrköping, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Ljungby and Jönköping. In 2019, we had sales of approximately SEK 2.4 billion and employed approximately 2,200 people. The total warehouse space that we have at our disposal is about 640,000 square meters

  • NYCE.LOGIC implemented in 9 locations
  • 20 clients implemented
  • 75+ active users 

Kjell & Company – Enabling successful retail through Warehouse Management

Retailer Kjell & Company, one of the most well established brands in Swedish retail, experienced a severe lack of space, and had difficulty keeping up with the fast-paced IT evolution of Warehouse Management. In 2010, they contacted NYCE.LOGIC WMS, part of the Extenda Retail Portfolio, to start a comprehensive optimisation project of their warehouse. Several years later, through optimisation and efficiency, the company has increased storage capacity by nearly 50% in the same premises.

About Kjell & Company
Kjell & Company sells accessories for home electronics and is one of Sweden’s most well-known retail brands. The company, which was established in 1988, has had rapid development and today conducts sales through 105 stores in Sweden and 20 stores in Norway, in addition to their comprehensive e-commerce platform. Today, the company has close to 2 million members in their loyalty club, and 1,000 employees.


In 2010, Kjell & Company experienced a large space shortage at its 7,000 m2 central warehouse. They used paper-based picking and fixed storage places, all while the company grew rapidly. They had various options including moving the warehouse, optimising the existing premises, or placing the warehouse with a 3PL player.

The Solution
Kjell & Company made the decision to invest in NYCE.LOGIC WMS – years later and with over 50% in increased volumes, they remain in the same warehouse. In conjunction with the implementation of NYCE.LOGIC, Pick By Voice was also started. Additionally, they have around 12 storage lifts in the warehouse.

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Key figures since the implementation of NYCE.LOGIC:

  • 50% increased efficiency in pallet picking
  • 85% increased package picking efficiency
  • 80-90% increased picking efficiency in small picks14 times more orders per pick round in B2C pick
  • Reduction from 800 m2 mezzanine to 80 m2 in lift machines

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