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Hii Retail

Connect your backend systems with customer-facing channels via a single cloud platform.


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Increase resilience and exceed customer expectations for frictionless and flexible shopping

Technological innovations and changes in consumer behaviour and staff requirements have all led to an acceleration in digitalisation. Today, unified commerce is vital in order to support omnichannel journeys and create a unified view of shopper interactions, products, and management systems.

The businesses that consistently perform the best are those that can combine their physical and digital worlds to create a fluid, channel-agnostic experience which puts the customer in focus. This is unified commerce, and the Hii Retail Cloud Platform enables you to achieve just this.

Conventional retail technology was designed for scale, reliability and performance. Now, there is an ever-increasing demand for unified commerce in retail. In response to facilitating this, we have developed the Hii Retail Cloud Platform. The composable business application architecture allows retailers to integrate and add new services to their ecosystem and a faster time-to-market. Our approach is to build on, not to replace current efficient and reliable systems.

The Hii Retail Cloud Platform includes shopper and store-facing services, covering Checkout, Personalisation, Loyalty and more. With cloud technology, you are able to make your store a key asset, and seamlessly merge technology to enable a wide variety of shopping experiences.

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Speed to market

Retailers that find ways to innovate, and bring that innovation to market faster, succeed, and can use their traditional supply chain assets as a competitive advantage and source of differentiation.

With Hii Retail, we can quickly and efficiently build components that are designed to extend your existing core systems. Solutions include our Hii Checkout, Scan & Go, Click & Collect, Attendant App, Item Recognition and Shopping List, which are all created with open architecture and headless APIs, enabling super-fast implementation.

Furthermore, the Hii Retail solutions enable you to develop your own user interface, or use ours.

Partnership with Google Cloud

Through the Google Cloud, we build cloud-native, API-first, value-adding, incremental components faster than ever before. You can plug these components into our technology, or alternatively integrate it with other software vendors’ existing technology. As a result, you can enjoy increased flexibility, agility and improved speed-to-market from concept to store roll-out.

Built for Security

Built on Google’s secure-by-design cloud infrastructure, our Hii Retail Cloud Platform solutions employ an in-depth architecture to defend and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of your data. We adhere to industry-standard security frameworks, including ISO/IEC 27000:2018, maintaining rigorous security controls in our software development and SaaS operations.

To learn more about how our Hii Retail Cloud Platform enables robust and secure retail, read our FAQ.

Learn more about our Hii Retail Solutions:

Hii Checkout

A cloud-native checkout solution. Through simple integrations and flexible deployment, this software breaks down the boundaries between physical and digital commerce, enabling speed-to-market and unified, frictionless experiences for your customers and staff.

Scan & Go

Boost productivity, increase customer satisfaction and create frictionless shopping experiences by enabling people to check out on their own device.

Click & Collect

Entice your customers by offering flexibility and convenience with remote ordering and in-store pickup or home delivery.

Attendant App

Increase efficiency by remote monitoring and intervention to all checkouts: Manned checkouts, self-checkouts or mobile checkouts.

Item Recognition

Create frictionless checkout journeys by leveraging our AI to quickly identify products via a checkout camera, bypassing menu structures. The customer saves time, and avoids the stress of holding up the queue for other customers.

Shopping List

Customers save time and effort before and during their shopping, by listing their products ahead of visiting your stores, and getting instructions on where to find their preferred products while inside your stores.

Hii Checkout Launch Webinar

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Hii Retail Webinar with Google

View our Webinar about Hii Retail Cloud Solutions, co-hosted with Google

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Hii Retail Cloud Platform streamlines your retail business and serves your customers better, while enabling your staff. How can we help you start?

Accelerate your business’ digital transformation and start using Hii Retail Cloud Platform unified commerce as a way of enabling unified commerce, while delivering an even better service to your customers.

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