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Report: How to introduce WMS Robotics in your Warehouse

Read this Report and discover how you can enable future logistics success with Warehouse Robotics.

Report: Discover the world of WMS Robotics

Demand is currently soaring for warehouse robotics, automation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and flexible WMS software. This increase originates from these solutions’ ability to improve the processes within the warehouse.

Download the WMS Robotics Report and discover the world of WMS robotics and automation. Learn how robots and automation can be introduced in any business, regardless of size, and significantly reduce costs.

The Report explores how technological innovations over the last years have enabled robotic integrations, automated systems and the development of advanced software for warehouse management. Additionally, it reviews how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated e-commerce growth, and how this impacts the WMS and robotics market.

Main topics:

  • Introduction
  • The evolution of warehouse robotics
  • The world of WMS Robotics: The tech transforming warehouses
    – Benefits of introducing warehouse robotics and automation
    – Merging your WMS with robotics and automation
  • How Blue Robot & NYCE.LOGIC’s solutions enable success
  • The future of WMS, automation and warehouse robotics
  • Where to start with WMS Robotics?

Download Report:

The authors

Johannes Puonti

Client Executive at Extenda Retail



Arnor Jonasson

CEO & Co-founder, Blue Robot Company


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